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5 critical Facebook marketing mistakes you should avoid
29 January 2019

5 critical Facebook marketing mistakes you should avoid


When it comes to social media marketing, a marketer’s first choice is Facebook. There is a good reason for this, Facebook has become the largest social media network with over 2.20 billion monthly active users which is a 13 percent increase year over year.

Facebook marketing campaigns can still fall flat, or even worse, act as a detriment to your brand if not done properly. Here is a quick list of five critical marketing mistakes that you should avoid in order to make your campaign a success.


  1. Neglecting Facebook Groups

In addition to your business page, it can be a huge boost to your community to create and manage Facebook groups.

These groups enable sub-demographics of your audience to form highly engaged and valuable communities that spark meaningful conversations about your brand and ignoring this can make you fall behind.

How to avoid: Create a Facebook group which is your brand and follower centric. Your followers are often very willing to interact with your content, discuss your business, and submit their own opinions, feedback, and content offerings.

All this would help you build brand credibility as it acts as powerful social proof, and when united as part of a community group, they magnify each other’s positive feeling.


  1. Ignoring Negative Feedback

Negative feedback is inevitable. When it flashes on the posts, brands either ignore it or fight back, or take it in stride. Some brands take the shortcut by simply deleting or ignoring the negative comments.

This might seem like the easier way out, but it only does more harm than doing anything good. 

How to avoid:  Just be authentic. A robotic or canned response may work initially, but as time passes people will see the pattern and pick up on the insincerity of the response. So, make it personal.


  1. Not Using Facebook Ads

To truly reach the right audience on Facebook, some money must be spent. Many businesses, especially small ones, have limited funds and must carefully construct cost-effective, engaging ads.

Facebook determines potential ad reach mainly by budget size. Ad cost must be factored in the size of your target audience and the length of time the ad will run. If the budget is too low, there can be a dramatic reduction in reach.

How to Avoid:  When working with a limited budget, make certain the money is being directed toward strategies that are proven to work. It allows users to specify, where they want their ads to be placed, and it provides information on how well ads perform in certain niches.  It’s better to go a shorter duration and have more impact than to go long and limited.


  1. Not Seeking to Engage Your Audience

Marketing, forming communities and making human connections go hand in hand. There are several ways your business can make the mistake of ignoring this human link.

When your Facebook content is focused all on the brand and not the followers, it isolates followers and makes the page appear less approachable.

How to Avoid:  Create your posts around people; analyze fans & followers and make an effort toward humanizing your brand. Share relevant viral content or ask questions directly or in polls which will give followers a voice. This shows that person and all watching that your brand is human and does care.


  1. Inconsistent Posting and Updating

Although it seems like a basic rule, it’s not unheard of for businesses to not update their Facebook pages regularly. Many businesses have more than one social media profile. As a result, some pages end up getting neglected. This makes it appear to possible followers that the page has been abandoned, and potential fans will steer clear.

How to Avoid:  Set a regular update schedule. When followers learn to expect regular updates, they’re more likely to keep coming back. Take time to fill out all the page’s sections. Make sure the about page is properly filled out and provides relevant information and includes links to the main website or blog.


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